EXX Network
EXX Network

We facilitate useful products on web3.

EXX is an architecture for our overall goal of accelerating Web3 adoption and implementing useful products within the web3 space.


EXX is able to fully benefit from Ethereum’s network effects


Our implementation of Ethereum's core components makes EXX a secure network.


EXX prioritises the community and work more closely with the community than other L1s.

Improving the Web3 Architecture

We are building the structure to improve the web3 industry


As a global solution, we are an all inclusive team of professionals who are actively applying their expertise to build a robust web3 ecosystem for global usage.


Just as it is in Web2, EXX aims to facilitate products that are designed for everyday use through decentralized applications in order to improve mainstream adoption of web3.


EXX is set to accelerate global web3 adoption by making and deploying talents into the web3 space to ease the effects of unavailability of web3 professionals.

Our Vision

With a mission to hasten the global adoption of web3 technology, a team of diverse professionals set out to create an ecosystem of products, projects and services that fills the adoption loopholes.

Exx Network is one of the adoption projects of Exx Finance, an ecosystem of completely decentralized products.

With Exx Network, Our vision is to:


Help boost and stabilise the African web3 ecosystem.


Become number 1 go-to organization for ultimate support, guide and help for web3 talents.


Ultimately drive the fast adoption of Web3 technology globally. .

Our Values

Our vision, mission and goal directs our modes of operation which informs decisions on products, services and solutions deployed in the ecosystem.

Security and Trust

Security and Trust

Our protocols and framework are openly sourced and securely implemented through existing crypto algorithms and models.

Innovation and Trailblazing

Innovation and Trailblazing

We are constantly on the lookout for fertile ways to drive adoption. We are ruthless and unique in our ideas and innovations

Privacy and Transparency

Privacy and Transparency

Across teams, users, and partners, our channels of communication remain crystal clear while maintaining user’s privacy.


Join our talents
to build for Africa

Our community is made of up investors, developers, advisors, creators, designers and a host of others working to make web3 mainstream.


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