EXX Network
EXX Network

Accelerating web3 in
Africa through a native independent ecosystem

EXX is a layer 1 blockchain for developing user focused DApps and solutions to accelerate web3 adoption.

EXX Network

EXX offers users a network with:

EVM Compatibility

Industry dominant tech stack and language used by millions of developers.


Proof of stake consensus algorithm with advanced scalability solution


Non-compromising blockchain architectural algorithm for reliable transactions backed by validators.


Self governing network with dedicated throughput and a fully customizable tech stack.


Support for arbitrary message conveying (token, contract calls, transactions, etc) spanning to external systems.

User Experience

Comparable to the best of web2, low cost transactions, quick and seamless transaction finalization.

Developer Experience

Alternative to Ethereum, no protocol level knowledge required, no token deposits, fees or permissions.


High customizability, extensibility and upgradability, short time to market, community collaboration.

Join thousands of other Exx enthusiasts online.

Our community is made of up investors, developers, advisors, creators, designers and a host of others working to make web3 mainstream.

Developer friendly

Excel with Exx

Exx builds on the efficiencies of Ethereum Virtual Machine whilst offering low fees, fast speeds, and a better user and developer experience without compromising on the blockchain security. A basic knowledge of Ethereum sets you on to building on Exx.

Developer Incubation

Developer Incubation

Turning unskilled individuals into expert web3 developers through intensive and monitored training programs

Progressive Ecosystem

Progressive Ecosystem

An ever expanding ecosystem of products facilitated by talents through our incubation program.

Infinite Opportunities

Infinite Opportunities

Helping talents explore opportunities by facilitating job openings and work placements under our ecosystem.

Getting started with Exx

EXX is your gateway to the future of Web3. Here's our recommendation to help you dive right in.


Select a wallet

At this stage, Metamask wallet is most preferable for its flexibility and ease of use.


Get Exx

Claim free Exx testnet tokens by completing simple steps and use.


Make a transaction

Perform your first transaction on Exx test network and see how it feels flying.

Exx enthusiasts online

Join the open economy of
the future

We are on a mission to accelerate web3 adoption through quality participation and engagement of talents for purposeful service in the web3 space.

Run a validator

Help secure our blockchain from internal and external attacks and approve transactions

Use a Dapp

Explore the ecosystem dApps and start using decentralised applications with 'useful cases'

Mint a Token

Flex yourself by deploying a token on the Exx network without writing any line of code.

Start Building

Build application with 'useful cases' and web2 experience with focus on user experience

What it's like with Exx network

Exx network is a layer 1 blockchain that powers the Exx initiative and it's rapidly growing community.


Carbon Neutral

0.00002 EXX

Transaction Fees


Transactions Per Sec


Transacation Speed


Community Focused

Exx Updates

Catch up with news, blog posts, events and other happenings within the EXX ecosystem.

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EXX Network

The architecture for accelerating global web3 adoption.



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